How Proper Video Surveillance Can Help Your Business

It is essential for all of the over 33 million businesses in the U.S to carefully implement an effective on-site physical security and surveillance system. Threats can come from various sources, and while many businesses prioritize digital security, it is essential not to overlook the importance of on-site security. Both customers and employees can pose […]

Why a Cloud Based Video Surveillance System is the Most Economical

Video surveillance was once considered a luxury that only large businesses or businesses that were at high risk could afford. Plus, the equipment was often clunky, lacked versatility, and recording was kept on site. Thanks to cloud computing solutions, however, video surveillance is now an affordable way to enhance security for any size business. Four […]

Why is an IP Video Surveillance System better?

IP Video Surveillance systems are quickly becoming popular. IP video surveillance is a digital video surveillance system that sends and receives data. The most important factor to be considered before the installation of the video surveillance system is the right calculation of the required bandwidth. Read on to find out the major benefits of IP video surveillance . […]

3 Common Problems that can be tackled through video surveillance

A place of business can be prone to problems of all types. While many employers seem to have realized the benefits of video surveillance for their workplace, a few others question the idea of using cameras to spy employees. However, in reality video surveillance is not a hindrance to employee freedom but a tool to […]

Top 3 Reasons Why You Need Video Surveillance Camera For Your Small Business

As a business owner, it is your responsibility to ensure that your business is running efficiently by utilizing the resources appropriately. Security is one of the primary aspects which needs to be properly applied and monitored. Too often simply locking the doors is not enough. You need a flexible monitoring system to constantly watch over your business […]

Three Tips to Reduce Bandwidth while using Video Surveillance

IT managers in an organization are always very careful and strategic about allocation of bandwidth. Most organizations reserve a very small percentage of their bandwidth for video surveillance and slowing down the entire network due to video footage is the last thing any IT manager would want. Listed below are some expert tips to best […]

Add Security with intuitive Video Surveillance Systems

Intuitive Video surveillance systems can dramatically enhance the security of a building. Here’s How: 1. Your safe – check and see… With the advancements in surveillance technology there are applications available to the business owner that allow for constant contact with your facility. You can view activity at your site by simply logging on to […]