Why is an IP Video Surveillance System better?

IP Video Surveillance systems are quickly becoming popular. IP video surveillance is a digital video surveillance system that sends and receives data. The most important factor to be considered before the installation of the video surveillance system is the right calculation of the required bandwidth.

Read on to find out the major benefits of IP video surveillance .

  • The quality of the pictures captured (in terms of resolution) through the IP camera is much better than the ones obtained through analog. Also, the IP cameras capture a wider field than conventional.
  • With an IP camera you can set flags within the field of vision. The flags can be set to denote missing objects, detection of motion and so on. When you wish to go back and check a particular event from the past, these flags help you to easily navigate through the footage.

Unlike the traditional analog camera system where each camera must be connected to the DVR directly, the IP video surveillance can operate wirelessly and as a component of your IP network.