Why a Cloud Based Video Surveillance System is the Most Economical

Video surveillance was once considered a luxury that only large businesses or businesses that were at high risk could afford. Plus, the equipment was often clunky, lacked versatility, and recording was kept on site. Thanks to cloud computing solutions, however, video surveillance is now an affordable way to enhance security for any size business.

Four ways that cloud-based video surveillance is more affordable than traditional surveillance:

1. The only equipment you’ll need is the cameras. Video surveillance once included not only the video cameras but the equipment on which it was recorded, whether it was a videotape-based machine or DVR, it had to be kept and maintained on site. Vital data was lost when the machine failed to record, and recording devices could be stolen and costly to replace.

2. Many cloud based video surveillance systems allow you to monitor and playback recordings on equipment you already own like your smartphone or tablet, eliminating the need for additional screens (and sometimes employees) to monitor activity. It also allows more flexibility when monitoring, for instance, you could oversee your business from your home or while on vacation.

3. Cloud based video surveillance systems are often the most flexible systems. If you decide to expand your business or want to enhance your cloud based system, it can often be done with a simple software upgrade, no need to completely replace all of your current equipment.

4. If you’re hoping for a system that doesn’t require a lot of additional training or knowledge the cloud based video surveillance systems are often built for simplicity. This eliminates the obligation to hire additional help to train you and your employees and even to maintain your system.
Cloud based computer systems and software are constantly evolving so if you once thought a video surveillance system might be too costly or complex for your business a cloud based system could be exactly the right fit now.