5 Key Elements of a Successful Database Strategy

The way you manage your company’s data plays a large role in its success. Falling short of this obligation is one of the many reasons why around 20% of small businesses fail within a year. Having the right database strategy in place can take your business’s performance to the next level, but many entrepreneurs don’t […]

What Makes a CRM Strategy Work? Smart Advice for Businesses

Imagine running a company that offers premier services and products in its industry. You also have no trouble keeping your team motivated or getting your brand in front of the right people. However, you can’t seem to retain customers no matter what you do. Issues like these are why around 20% of small businesses fail […]

How Can You Create a Data Collection Plan for Your Company?

You can’t afford to not collect data for your business. In fact, 6 out of 10 organizations report that big data gives their company a competitive advantage.  If you don’t currently have a data collection plan that is working for you, then you need to dedicate the time to create one. But don’t jump into […]

Your Quick Guide to Data Management as a Service

Data is the lifeblood of most businesses. The information a small business collects will dictate its future decisions and help optimize its strategies. For example, having a better understanding of your target audience allows you to offer better products and services. You might be surprised to learn that 43% of collected data goes largely unused. […]

How to avoid mistakes in Data Management.

Data management is no doubt one of the most important parts of a modern business. Here are some tips that can help businesses avoid mistakes and improve their data management practices: Contact us to review, identify, and implement solutions geared to bring you closer to your customers.

5 Data Management Mistakes Small Businesses Should Avoid

Data is growing at never-before-seen speeds, and data management must increase at the same rate. The first realization is that data is a digital asset that is as vital as, if not more important than, your network or telephone system and requires the same rigor to manage and secure. Small business entrepreneurs have so many […]

Important Considerations for Data Center Colocation

Colocation serves as the third choice for businesses that are deciding between internal data centers and leasing external servers. Colocation is similar to cloud hosting and helps small businesses to achieve scalability and security through corporate hosting solutions at an affordable price. Here are a few considerations for small business to take into account while choosing […]