Important Considerations for Data Center Colocation

Colocation serves as the third choice for businesses that are deciding between internal data centers and leasing external servers. Colocation is similar to cloud hosting and helps small businesses to achieve scalability and security through corporate hosting solutions at an affordable price. Here are a few considerations for small business to take into account while choosing a colocation.

Uptime Service Level Agreements

Colocation center provides their clients a 100% uptime guarantee and uses multiple ISPs and multiple WAN connections to create a reliable network. The experienced staff at a colocation center help you to maintain the network software safely by modifying server configurations and upgrading softwares promptly.

Power management

In cases of interrupted power supplies, the IT companies makes use of uninterrupted power supplies to make their systems shut down propely but not to keep servers functioning. But, if you are using a colocation data center, it contains several onsite generators which will help you to keep your equipment running for a long period of time even during long power interruptions.

Data Protection

Colocation data centers use various economies of scale to make the most effective applications inexpensive. These centers also use surveillance cameras, physical barriers and professional security personnel to prevent illegal access to the data.

Colocation centers also employ a wide array of safeguard measures to protect the equipment from natural disasters and damages. They also have on call administrators who are capable of handling complex problems in a very short span of time. The managed solutions offered by these data canters are often less expensive than other internal operations and offers a high level of professionalism.