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Combining the power of multiple Carriers.

Harnessing the power of multiple Carriers strengths is the new way in which todays businesses can create more than just best effort services. One such example in Southern California is the combination of Spectrum Coax and Fiber bandwidth coupled with TPX Managed Services/Voice options. A Business owner now has the option to take advantage of the current low cost bandwidth made available via Spectrum and pair it with the TPX premier Nationwide Managed Services. Multiple ... Read More


Top Three Cyber Security Myths Faced by Organizations

Most organizations have made a sincere effort to address cyber security threats; However, many enterprises miss the mark due to some common errors and misconceptions. Read on to find out more about the cyber security myths faced by contemporary enterprises.

Myth 1

Cyber security issues belong to the IT department only It is true that the IT department with its multiple technological controls is highly pron... Read More


Why is an IP Video Surveillance System better?

IP Video Surveillance systems are quickly becoming popular. IP video surveillance is a digital video surveillance system that sends and receives data. The most important factor to be considered before the installation of the video surveillance system is the right calculation of the required bandwidth. Read on to find out the major benefits of IP video surveillance .

Common Misconceptions about Colocation Hosting Services

While exploring the option of colocation, businesses face a lot of confusion. The concept of colocation is still misunderstood by some sectors of the industry and several misconceptions continue to hinder companies from opting for colocation services. Here is a list of urban legends about colocation cleared out for you!

1. Is colocation the same as managed hosting?

No, managed hosting is similar to colocation in the ... Read More

Cyber Security Vulnerabilities

Commonly Overlooked Cyber Security Vulnerabilities

The financial and reputational damage caused by hackers to an organization can be devastating; Yet many organizations fail to properly protect their network. Here is a list of the commonly overlooked cyber security vulnerabilities within an organization.

Vulnerabilities caused due to injection flaws

When untrusted or unreliable data is sent to an interpreter, injection vulnerability occurs. These flaws are quite common and can be detected while analyzing the code. A cyber-attack t... Read More


What are the best benefits of working with a colocation service provider?

As technology advances, more and more organizations are opting for colocation rather than running their own data center. The colocation service provider hosts the equipment of the client in its data center and provides everything required for the smooth functioning of the system. Read on to find out the benefits of working with a colocation provider.

Enhanced scalability

Scaling up or scaling down your computer needs as and when required is possible only when you work with a colocatio... Read More


Some Myths about HIPAA Compliance Debunked

HIPAA also referred to as Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 was established to protect sensitive patient data by healthcare organizations. Achieving 100% HIPAA compliance is possible only when there are sufficient technical processes in place. To understand the concept of HIPAA compliance better, let us debunk the most common myths about the issue.

Myth 1: HIPAA applies to hospitals only

A healthcare provider or an organization that offers cloud-based applica... Read More


Three Common Problems that can be tackled through video surveillance

A place of business can be prone to problems of all types. While many employers seem to have realized the benefits of video surveillance for their workplace, a few others question the idea of using cameras to spy employees. However, in reality video surveillance is not a hindrance to employee freedom but a tool to aid their safety and well-being within the workplace. Read on to find out the common organizational problems that can be resolved through the installation of video surveillance. Read More

Server Colocation

Top 4 Reasons Why Colocation Is Ideal For The Web Hosting Of Your Small Business

If you are looking to integrate the features of large companies into the framework of your small business, Colocation is the right hosting option for you. As the owner of a small business, you might not have the luxury of hosting your own web servers or dedicated professionals to manage and design your site, however you can effectively implement Colocation which allows you to share someone else’s bandwidth. Here are the top 4 reasons why Colocation is ideal for your Small Business.
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Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

How To Make Your Organization HIPAA Compliant?

HIPAA is the acronym for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act which sets the standards for safeguarding sensitive patient data. If your organization deals with PHI or Protective Health Information, it is imperative that it maintains all the required physical as well as the network security measures to secure invaluable information. This Act was introduced in 1996 much before the digital evolution and therefore the language can be perceived as complex and difficult to comprehen... Read More