Top Three Cyber Security Myths Faced by Organizations

Most organizations have made a sincere effort to address cyber security threats; However, many enterprises miss the mark due to some common errors and misconceptions.

Read on to find out more about the cyber security myths faced by contemporary enterprises.

Myth 1

Cyber security issues belong to the IT department only

It is true that the IT department with its multiple technological controls is highly prone to cyber threats. It’s important to note that problems can arise from anywhere within the organization.

Myth 2

Security breaches affect the bigger organizations only

Whether you are an enterprise or a startup, the risk of security breach still exists. It is imperative that every organization apply and budget for the elements and resources necessary to apply a proper and secure network.

Myth 3

The latest security tools and technologies must be the primary focus to achieve maximum protection

Relevant tools and technologies are important for the optimal cyber security. The culture of cyber security must also be imbibed within the workforce and people must be taught to handle the processes in the most secure way.