Common Misconceptions about Colocation Hosting Services

While exploring the option of colocation, businesses face a lot of confusion. The concept of colocation is still misunderstood by some sectors of the industry and several misconceptions continue to hinder companies from opting for colocation services.

Here is a list of urban legends about colocation cleared out for you!

1. Is colocation the same as managed hosting?

No, managed hosting is similar to colocation in the fact that both services are conducted in a place that is not owned by the business. But in managed hosting the facility as well as the hosting servers do not belong to the business. In colocation, the business owns the software as well as the server but uses the space of the provider.

2. Colocation is very expensive

Colocation is slightly more expensive than managed hosting but it is generally much cheaper than building your own space for accommodating the additional servers. Clients pay for the space and one must remember that the protection for the space (both virtual and physical) is also included within the cost.

3. Convenience is an issue for the IT personnel in colocation

The colocation provider will allow the client to control most equipment remotely. However, occasionally, the IT staff must visit the facility for equipment upgrade.

4. Security is a major concern while opting for colocation

Colocation providers equip their data centers with multiple layers of security and the data is better protected than when it is hosted in-house. The provider also promises 24/7 support.