Understanding the importance of Network Security.

Any successful business needs robust network security alongside a thorough risk management plan. Denial of service attacks, data breaches, malware and viruses are just some of the security threats that can bring a business to its knees. As a business owner or a technology expert, ask yourself if you’re prepared for these important aspects of network security.

Maintain physical security. Make sure every point of access to your network is controlled and protected. This typically involves establishing secure areas and requiring access cards or other means of personal authorization.

Educate your employees on how to protect every aspect of your network and company.
Defend your perimeter. When it comes to protecting your network, one of the first steps is to put antivirus software and firewalls in place. You’ll also want to include software for intrusion detection and monitoring.

Next, consider what level of encryption your company needs, and whether to set up a VPN for inbound and outbound traffic.

Finally, a security plan is only as good as its most recent security updates. So, be sure to include patch management in your security workflow.

Control system access. Any user access to company systems or networks should always be subject to automatic log off. In addition, users should be required to create and maintain strong passwords. Also make sure to track login activity and network access, and then monitor these activity logs on a regular basis.
It can be overwhelming to know where to start when it comes to network security. That’s why it’s best to go through a professional risk assessment to determine what kind of security risks your company may be exposed to and how to limit the chances of a potential security breach. Contact us today learn more about the proper security measures to take for your company.