Commonly Overlooked Cyber Security Vulnerabilities

The financial and reputational damage caused by hackers to an organization can be devastating; Yet many organizations fail to properly protect their network.

Here is a list of the commonly overlooked cyber security vulnerabilities within an organization.

Vulnerabilities caused due to injection flaws

When untrusted or unreliable data is sent to an interpreter, injection vulnerability occurs. These flaws are quite common and can be detected while analyzing the code. A cyber-attack that is caused through an injection flaw can result in loss of data or exposure of sensitive data. In some cases, the cyber attacker can use the injection attack to gain complete control over the system. The most common type of injection attack is SQL injection vulnerability.

Buffer overflow vulnerability

When an application sends more data to a buffer (more than it can actually hold) then the buffer overflow vulnerability condition is born. There are different types of buffer overflow attacks and they are most commonly used to target web applications and desktop applications.

Exposure of sensitive organizational data

Data can be exploited while it is stored, in transit or resting in the backup. Proper encryption with appropriate key generation and management is essential to control such threats.

Understanding the motivation of cyber attackers and adopting the right counter moves is very difficult to achieve. Understanding the most common vulnerabilities could be a great approach to maximize organizational cyber security.