Switching to VoIP?

If your business is using traditional Telephony. Then opting for Voice over IP (VoIP) may be an alternative you should consider for your business.

Potential lower cost

Many businesses that switch to VoIP reduce their usage cost. Often VoIP provided applications enhance the ability for a business to reduce charges involved with Domestic as well as International dialing. Side by Side analysis of current provider charges against new can offer a clear picture and set proper expectations with regards to what you might expect from making the shift to VoIP for your business.

Conference calling, Call transfer, Moves adds and changes…

The main benefit of VoIP versus Traditional telephony is the feature rich and flexible scalability of most VoIP solutions. Beyond the easy savings potentially provided by usage cost reduction; There is tremendous savings also available with regards to “moves adds and changes” These are the often ignored cost of maintenance and scalability.

Capital Expense to implement..?

There is often a much reduced capital expense involved with implementing these type of systems. If Cloud based the cost can be dramatically reduced or often zeroed out as many providers offer leased based solutions.