Bandwidth Speed Testing recommendations

Testing your internet speed is an essential part of ensuring your network is being provided proper speed and access.  If much of your business depends on your internet connection, it is important to understand that the efficiency of your internet connection can be severely impacted by too many gadgets and applications drawing from the connection.

What You Ought to DO when testing your speed?

  • Ensure that no one is using your internet connection while performing a speed test.
  • Disconnect other network devices from your Wi-Fi and hard-cabled network.
  • Stop the programs that are running in the background.
  • Perform speed tests repeatedly to get an average speed.
  • Perform the speed test at different times of the day.

What You Should Not Do?

  • If possible, do not perform a speed test using your Wi-Fi network because the factors like wireless interference, signal strength and the number of users can make it too unreliable.
  • Avoid using tablet or smartphone apps to perform internet bandwidth speed test,

Following these steps may take a little bit of effort, but with a little patience you can more accurately measure your bandwidth speed.

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