Are You Getting the Right Internet Speed? – How to Check?

If much of your business depends on your internet connection, then it is likely you are dependent on the right kind of speed to send and receive information related to your business.  With too many gadgets and applications drawing on the connection, your efficiency is impacted. it is therefor important you find an efficient way to properly test the speed and reliability of your connection.

Internet Speed and Pricing

Globally, most internet service providers (ISP) base their pricing to the customer on the speed of the connection. They also base their price on the reliability and uptime guaranteed by the ISP. It is important to note that there may be a huge divide between residential grade services and business grade.

For Best Results from

To get the best results, you should run the when all other network activities are idle.

Handling Significant Drop in Speed

Although it is important to note that dedicated bandwidth should fall well within close limits to what you have contracted, there is often overhead involved with every connection, so you may find there to be a slight variance. Some platforms of service however may vary greatly based on many municipal and regional infrastructure factors. It is important that your speed is dedicated and offers an SLA (service level agreement.