Unified Communication as a Service

Unified Communications as a Service: The Complete Guide for Businesses

Your business and UCaaS (Unified Communication as a Service)

The need to properly equip staff with all the tools necessary to bring them closer their customers, is the single most prevalent thread of commonality each Business owner faces today.  With UCaaS offerings a business owner can apply a simple an elegant mechanism for his staff to have one location for all their communication needs. Video and Audio Conferencing | Messaging | Remote/Anywhere Access | Multi-Device Notification and Seamless Device Transition.

With approximately 80 million people working remotely, reliable and flexible communication systems are more important than ever.

What is UCaaS (Unified Communication as a Service)

When most businesses think about communication, they think about it as a set of discrete services. The business uses a phone system, a chat system, and an email system, but they are all through different service providers… And many may require on-site hardware or specific software – Whereas a UCaaS system takes all the complexity out of communications by bundling your communication needs into a single, cloud-based service. 

Essential UCaaS Functions

UCaaS providers typically offer several essential functions for business clients. Some of the more common functions include:

  • Cloud Phone Service
  • SMS/Text
  • Video Conferencing | Audio Conferencing
  • Screen Sharing
  • Messaging

Benefits of UCaaS

UCaaS offers your business several key benefits. Probably the most pertinent in today’s environment would be the need to accommodate remote staff. Rather than requiring remote staff to install several programs offered by multiple providers – Your staff can simply log into one service from one provider. Office and remote workers alike will benefit by creating a one office virtual environment – And as the service is hosted in the Cloud – there is a dramatic reduction of hardware maintenance and IT support requirements.

Choosing a UCaaS Provider

As most UCaaS provide similar feature sets – the true concern and point of careful consideration should be focused on the robust nature of the providers network and the proper customer care capabilities they can offer. We can assist in taking a high and low view of each Carriers capabilities.   

UCaaS and Your Business

Unified communication as a service can serve as an all-in-one solution for all your communication needs. Minimally, it lets you bundle several communication essentials, such as phone, texts, and videoconferencing into a single service.

It supports remote work, simplifies billing, and often proves a more cost-efficient solution than a collection of individual communications offerings.

Voice and Data, Inc. offers UCaaS solutions for businesses. For questions or to get started with UCaaS, contact Voice and Data today.