Key Questions for Your Colocation Provider

When choosing a colocation provider – you may wish to ask..

1. How many and where are your data centers located.

The location of the data centers can be a legitimate determining factor when analyzing regional or specific local potential risks. A colocation provider with data centers in multiple locations may also provide additional redundant paths of service and support.

2. Do you provide managed services to complement your colocation services?

While most organizations do not need anything more than space, power and connectivity; A good colocation service provider will offer a whole suite of managed services like server management, backup services and disaster recovery.

3. What kind of security do you provide?

Analyze the physical as well as the virtual security features of the colocation provider. A request for a tour across the center is common and can help ensure the provider has the proper security measures in place.

4. Is the SLA well-defined?

The SLA (Service Level Agreement) defines the quality of service and determines the expectations of the client organization and corresponding offerings.