HIPAA Compliance is Critical for Your Business Success! Here are the Reasons

Information and technology management is an important aspect for your business. This is because, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) states that all protected health information must be strictly protected — and that any breach of such information must be reported immediately. Moreover, this act has expanded the scope of who was responsible for meeting HIPAA regulations by including any third-party business associate that handles or processes personal health information for a covered entity like a hospital, insurance company, or medical provider.

Here are the benefits of HIPAA compliance,

Data Encryption

The HIPAA act insists that the data should be encrypted at rest in the data centers where it resides, in transit across the Internet, and to and from the cloud. Even if the data is not encrypted in the server, then it would become easier for employees to access it and results in data breach.

Strong Backup and Recovery

The HIPAA act demands the following requirements for storing confidential data,

  • Backups must reside in certain locations
  • Retrieval of data through access control and login monitoring
  • Data must be kept available even in times of disaster
  • Destroy old storage systems
  • Do not reuse old storage devices

A trusted HIPAA compliance provider holds Business Associate Agreements, Privacy and Security Rule Risk Assessments, and other documents ready for your perusal and implementation to understand the complexities of IT support and improve efficiency and productivity.