Cyber Security Tips to Consider

To keep your business assets protected from emerging online threats, here are some cyber security tips to adopt:

1. Employee rules must be established:

Enforce security policies and practices, secure customer information, and limit Internet surfing via firewall access shaping.

2. Secure your network:

Install antivirus software, Firewall protection, and in some cases there are third party network monitoring services that should be considered.  In addition there should be frequently scheduled after hours complete network scans perfomed.

3. Daily Data back-ups:

In many cases the most secure form of Data back-up is the combination of premise and off premise secure uploads. This allows for a local and cloud based mirror of your Data.

5. Secure your Wi-Fi:

If your workplace has a Wi-Fi network in place, keep it secured, hidden or encrypted. Set up your wireless router accordingly to hide your network and don’t forget to protect it with a multi character password. It is also a good idea to change the access password fairly frequent or as staff changes take place.

Change all your passwords  – fairly frequent.