BeWare RoboCare:

In our brave new world we are all less likely to speak with a customer service representative. We are encouraged if not forced to interact with AI speech and DM. This new form of communication with customer care reduces all our ability to properly explain ourselves. All our concerns are reduced down to a more manageable list of canned responses and generic remedies – and soon – when any of us take the time to craft a more formal written inquiry – we will find our emails and letters dismissed as just another well written AI generated correspondence and more than likely our concerns and complaints will be met with an even more well written AI generated response. 

Our frustrations will eventuality devolve into silent acceptance and ultimately, we/they will accomplish human obsolescence on both sides of the service desk. Frightening…

At Voice and Data we appreciate your voice and we look to assist with any and all concerns.

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NAIW (not AI written)