3 Tips to Build a Cyber Security Culture at the Workplace

Almost all of us are aware of the horrors of cyber criminals and how they can hack into intellectual corporate property causing the compromise of secured customer information. Although it is everyone’s duty to assist his/her organization against targeted attacks and security breaches; The importance of cyber security needs to be strongly delivered from the top management at all times. Here are three tips to build a sound cyber security culture at your workplace.

  1. Maintain a sound password policy

Maintaining a proper password policy includes rendering the required access to the systems as per the nature of the job of the employees. Change the passwords frequently and conduct periodic checks to ensure that all the employees are on the same page.

  1. Train the employees on Workplace security

Conduct regular trainings and certifications for employees to be able to identify suspicious cyber activities and how to report them. Educate them on how they can use the resources available with them to analyze and report potential cyber threats. Share incidents of cybercrimes with your employees and discuss how your organization is equipped to combat such incidents.

  1. Act as a Role Model

If you function in the capacity of a senior manager, it is up to you to enthusiastically advocate security objectives and adhere to them. As an executive leader, ensure that you practice what you preach. Maintain a clear desk policy and ensure that you lock your system whenever you leave your desk. Such practices will encourage your employees to contribute to a positive and secured working environment.