Essential Facts about HIPAA Compliance Audit

If your organization is expected to meet the requirements of HIPAA compliance, then it is highly recommended that you be prepared for the HIPAA audit.

1. There is no comprehensive guide that talks about all that you need to know for the HIPAA audit.

HIPAA compliance was introduced in 1996 and its policies have evolved over the years. However, there is still no source that can clearly outline the “dos and don’ts” of being 100% HIPPA compliant.

2. HIPAA compliance consumes a lot of time

An organization can be subjected to a HIPAA audit regardless of a complaint being lodged. If you are gearing up for a HIPAA audit you must know that you will be given no more than 10 days’ time to respond to all initial documents. Following this, there will be a site visit and the number of members in the audit team and the number of days taken to complete the audit will depend upon the size of the organization.

3. Immediate notification of data breach is mandatory

In the event of detecting a breach, the business must report the details of the incident immediately to the OCR. The details pertaining to the type of breach, the location, as well as the number of affected individuals must be reported.

While the HIPAA compliance audit appears to be a little scary, the process can be completed effortlessly with the right assistance.