Six Essential IT Network Security Safeguards and Best Practices

According to research, 55% of those in the IT industry claimed to have experienced a cyber-attack of some sort, and 50% had suffered an actual data breach. Under these circumstances, it’s no surprise that IT network security safeguards and IT security best practices have become increasingly important to those within the industry. Considering this fact, understanding the following industry best practices will help increase your company’s security. IT Security Best Practices: 1. Iden... Read More

Understanding the importance of Network Security.

Any successful business needs robust network security alongside a thorough risk management plan. Denial of service attacks, data breaches, malware and viruses are just some of the security threats that can bring a business to its knees. As a business owner or a technology expert, ask yourself if you're prepared for these important aspects of network security. Maintain physical security. Make sure every point of access to your network is controlled and protected. This typically involves establ... Read More