Common Misconceptions about Colocation Hosting Services

While exploring the option of colocation, businesses face a lot of confusion. The concept of colocation is still misunderstood by some sectors of the industry and several misconceptions continue to hinder companies from opting for colocation services. Here is a list of urban legends about colocation cleared out for you!

1. Is colocation the same as managed hosting?

No, managed hosting is similar to colocation in the ... Read More

What are the best benefits of working with a colocation service provider?

As technology advances, more and more organizations are opting for colocation rather than running their own data center. The colocation service provider hosts the equipment of the client in its data center and provides everything required for the smooth functioning of the system. Read on to find out the benefits of working with a colocation provider.

Enhanced scalability

Scaling up or scaling down your computer needs as and when required is possible only when you work with a colocatio... Read More

Server Colocation

Top 4 Reasons Why Colocation Is Ideal For The Web Hosting Of Your Small Business

If you are looking to integrate the features of large companies into the framework of your small business, Colocation is the right hosting option for you. As the owner of a small business, you might not have the luxury of hosting your own web servers or dedicated professionals to manage and design your site, however you can effectively implement Colocation which allows you to share someone else’s bandwidth. Here are the top 4 reasons why Colocation is ideal for your Small Business.
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Important Considerations for Data Center Colocation

Colocation serves as the third choice for businesses that are deciding between internal data centers and leasing external servers. Colocation is similar to cloud hosting and helps small businesses to achieve scalability and security through corporate hosting solutions at an affordable price. Here are a few considerations for small business to take into account while choosing a colocation.

Uptime Service Level Agreements

Colocation center provid... Read More

Key Questions for Your Colocation Provider

When choosing a colocation provider - you may wish to ask..

1. How many and where are your data centers located.

The location of the data centers can be a legitimate determining factor when analyzing regional or specific local potential risks. A colocation provider with data centers in multiple locations may also provide additional redundant paths of service and support.

2. Do you provide managed services to complement your colocation services?

While most organizations do n... Read More

Colocation services keep your business moving.

There are many reasons and benefits for a business to utilize colocation facilities. An off-site digital presence can be designed to best implement and secure your network architecture, so that your business is ultimately best prepared for disaster, Network overutilization, and WAN support.

What is a Colocation Facility?

A Datacenter that offers equipment, space, bandwidth and 24/7 on-site support for your businesses. These facilities typically provide power, bandwidth, and redundant... Read More