Six Essential IT Network Security Safeguards and Best Practices

According to research, 55% of those in the IT industry claimed to have experienced a cyber-attack of some sort, and 50% had suffered an actual data breach. Under these circumstances, it’s no surprise that IT network security safeguards and IT security best practices have become increasingly important to those within the industry. Considering this fact, understanding the following industry best practices will help increase your company’s security. IT Security Best Practices: 1. Iden... Read More

Top Three Cyber Security Myths Faced by Organizations

Most organizations have made a sincere effort to address cyber security threats; However, many enterprises miss the mark due to some common errors and misconceptions. Read on to find out more about the cyber security myths faced by contemporary enterprises.

Myth 1

Cyber security issues belong to the IT department only It is true that the IT department with its multiple technological controls is highly pron... Read More

Commonly Overlooked Cyber Security Vulnerabilities

The financial and reputational damage caused by hackers to an organization can be devastating; Yet many organizations fail to properly protect their network. Here is a list of the commonly overlooked cyber security vulnerabilities within an organization.

Vulnerabilities caused due to injection flaws

When untrusted or unreliable data is sent to an interpreter, injection vulnerability occurs. These flaws are quite common and can be detected while analyzing the code. A cyber-attack t... Read More

Cyber Security Culture

3 Tips to Build a Cyber Security Culture at the Workplace

Almost all of us are aware of the horrors of cyber criminals and how they can hack into intellectual corporate property causing the compromise of secured customer information. Although it is everyone’s duty to assist his/her organization against targeted attacks and security breaches; The importance of cyber security needs to be strongly delivered from the top management at all times. Here are three tips to build a sound cyber security culture at your workplace. Read More

Cyber Security threats

Multiple cases of cyber security threats have made it to the headlines as of late. From financial loss to disruption due to unauthorized release of an organization or even governments private transmittals. Our new world requires organizations to remain ever vigilant in their efforts to keep their network secure from:

Data breachs

From Yahoo to the DNC many organizations have succumb to the threats of hackers. Organizations now focus on implementing two-factor authentication to a... Read More

Cyber Security Tips to Consider

To keep your business assets protected from emerging online threats, here are some cyber security tips to adopt:

1. Employee rules must be established:

Enforce security policies and practices, secure customer information, and limit Internet surfing via firewall access shaping.

2. Secure your network:

Install antivirus software, Firewall protection, and in some cases there are third party network monitoring services that should be con... Read More